Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Teachers Pay Teachers additions

My Teachers Pay Teachers store is looking SAD, so I am also trying to update my store as well.

It's getting late, so just one for tonight and I will do some more tomorrow. I know that most every other teacher in the world has started incorporating Common Core into their curriculum, or implementing it all together (like me!) and it has been crazy! With our math units, I have tried to create centers or activities that I can use as a small group and then incorporate into centers. The worksheet below will take you to my TpT Store where you can find a mental math activity.

Have you ever heard of or seen cup stacking? Well I applied this concept to teaching missing addends and mental math. I have pictures somewhere....of my students working on this and I will upload them as soon as I find them. I prepared small disposable cups with a series of numbers and symbols. The students had to stack the cups and draw the symbols and numbers on the worksheet. Then they were asked to find the missing numbers and show how they found them. I had to model this several times before they understood. The numbers generally started small at the bottom of the stack and became larger towards the top of the stack. I used it with addition and subtraction facts, but the possibilities are endless as to what else you can use it for. I promise to upload pictures of my students using them and the cups themselves as soon as I locate them.

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