Sunday, August 19, 2012

More pictures of my classroom...

I posted some pictures from my classroom, several people have asked for more. I have been super busy with school starting (I'm sure you all understand). Here are several pictures, I will add more over the next couple days. 

 Here is my data board. I post all of my kids data here for them to keep track of their progress. I place information from Success Maker, Accelerated Reader, STAR testing, and multiplication facts on the board. The yellow paper states their 3rd grade goals, I place printed reports in the page protectors, and the charts I use for Success Maker to track the level they are on, one chart is for reading and one is for math. 

I found this interactive word wall on Pinterest. My students love it! I am limited for wall space because of all of the things that we are required to put on the walls, the anchor charts my students and I make, and student work. I decided this would be a great way to have a word wall, and the students are able to use it and add to it. I used large index cards, 3 per letter, punched a hole in them, then added a ring. I hung them with 3M hooks. The students and I add words to the cards as needed. So far it has worked great, the students ask me to add words, and they go and get the letter they need during writing and journal times.

This is my writing board. Each black piece of construction paper has a the square with the circle on it, which is attached to a clothes pin. I am able to hang student work and exemplar examples for students to compare their work to. I use the picture frame in the right corner to write the "I can" statement for each day's lesson.

Our school uses the computer program Success Maker. Each students gets on the program and completes a session of math and a session of reading each day. The program gauges the students progress and gives us a good idea of how they will perform on our state wide test in the spring, and what skills they are struggling with. I can pull a weekly report to see where they are struggling and doing well, and provide the support needed. Each student has a pocket, I place two bookmarks in each pocket. As they finish their sessions, they move a bookmark to the the bottom row. One bookmark says reading and one says math. I can easily glance over and see who has completed theirs sessions for the day, and who hasn't. It's a great way to hold students accountable for their work. 

Positive Behavior System

I posted earlier this summer about Positive Behavior Support Interventions (PBSI) and I wanted to show how I use it in my classroom.

I use this chart for "class points" all of the numbers are attached with Velcro, so that I can remove them easily. Each day the class begins with 10 points. They can lose points by not making good choices as a group: transitioning loudly, not staying on task, talking/playing in the hallways, being disruptive when we have a guest, etc. Their goal is to keep as many points as they can. If they keep 9 or 10 points, they earn 2 letters to a good behavior puzzle (see below), if they keep 7 or 8 points, they earn 1 letter for the puzzle. At the end of each day I record on my white board how many points they earn, the next day they get to guess letters for their puzzle. The inside white area of the chart is for positive behavior marks. The students earn these for making good choices: earning compliments, making good transitions, good lunchroom behavior, etc. For each mark they earn ( I use check marks) they earn a piece of candy. I always keep a jar on my desk of M&Ms, Skittles, or candy that goes with the season (Candy Corn, Conversation Hearts, etc.). For example if they earn 5 positive behavior marks, they get 5 pieces of candy each. They must have their area clean, packed up, with their book bag on their back during dismissal to get their candy. Both parts of the chart work wonders!

I keep this puzzle below the chart. I start off with easy puzzles and get more difficult as the year goes on. For example this says " We worked hard for cookie ice cream treats!". Once the students solve the puzzle (they must wait to solve until there are 3 or less blanks left) they earn whatever the puzzle says. Typically, my students earn about 1 party a month. I have a list of puzzles that I have used from year to year and the kids enjoy them a lot. We invite parents and administration to encourage continued positive behavior and because they enjoy coming! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Classroom Pictures

I worked VERY hard on my classroom this year! I was excited when it started coming together and I am proud of the way it has turned out. I have had several of my followers and friends ask me to post pictures, so here are a couple. I will add more specific photos once I get a few more things done. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!!

Here is my room before preparing for Open House

Here is my room from the opposite direction, ready & waiting for Open House
I decided to match my classroom decor for Open House! :)

Open House!!

I can't believe that today was my school's open house! The kiddos come back on Wednesday! Where did my summer go?!?!?!?! Thanks to Pinterest & the "idea" parties my friends and I have had my open house was great! I am looking forward to a WONDERFUL year!

Here is the brochure I created to give out. I always have a Welcome Packet, that I send home within the first couple weeks of school, but I wanted to have something to give an overview & answer common questions. One of the big questions that I knew was coming was the change in our grading system and our transition to the Common Core Standards or the CCGPS as we call it in Georgia. Send me a message if you would like the template.

front cover

inside of brochure

back of brochure

Extra Supplies

As teachers, we always know that the supply list we create at the end of the previous school year, or that our school creates for us, are missing key things that we use ALL the time. I created this flower pot of supplies and my parents were able to pick a flower to take home, and send in an extra supply that wasn't on the list. It worked out wonderfully! Here is the poem I used with the flowers. 

Open House Gift Boxes

I found a poem on Pinterest for back to school gift bags and edited it a tiny bit. I found the gift boxes on clearance at my local party store and filled them with treats that each had their own meaning. Here is the poem I used with each gift box (they will print 4 to a page). 

Here is my welcome back table with all the forms the students and parents needed