Monday, August 6, 2012

Open House!!

I can't believe that today was my school's open house! The kiddos come back on Wednesday! Where did my summer go?!?!?!?! Thanks to Pinterest & the "idea" parties my friends and I have had my open house was great! I am looking forward to a WONDERFUL year!

Here is the brochure I created to give out. I always have a Welcome Packet, that I send home within the first couple weeks of school, but I wanted to have something to give an overview & answer common questions. One of the big questions that I knew was coming was the change in our grading system and our transition to the Common Core Standards or the CCGPS as we call it in Georgia. Send me a message if you would like the template.

front cover

inside of brochure

back of brochure

Extra Supplies

As teachers, we always know that the supply list we create at the end of the previous school year, or that our school creates for us, are missing key things that we use ALL the time. I created this flower pot of supplies and my parents were able to pick a flower to take home, and send in an extra supply that wasn't on the list. It worked out wonderfully! Here is the poem I used with the flowers. 

Open House Gift Boxes

I found a poem on Pinterest for back to school gift bags and edited it a tiny bit. I found the gift boxes on clearance at my local party store and filled them with treats that each had their own meaning. Here is the poem I used with each gift box (they will print 4 to a page). 

Here is my welcome back table with all the forms the students and parents needed

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