Sunday, August 19, 2012

More pictures of my classroom...

I posted some pictures from my classroom, several people have asked for more. I have been super busy with school starting (I'm sure you all understand). Here are several pictures, I will add more over the next couple days. 

 Here is my data board. I post all of my kids data here for them to keep track of their progress. I place information from Success Maker, Accelerated Reader, STAR testing, and multiplication facts on the board. The yellow paper states their 3rd grade goals, I place printed reports in the page protectors, and the charts I use for Success Maker to track the level they are on, one chart is for reading and one is for math. 

I found this interactive word wall on Pinterest. My students love it! I am limited for wall space because of all of the things that we are required to put on the walls, the anchor charts my students and I make, and student work. I decided this would be a great way to have a word wall, and the students are able to use it and add to it. I used large index cards, 3 per letter, punched a hole in them, then added a ring. I hung them with 3M hooks. The students and I add words to the cards as needed. So far it has worked great, the students ask me to add words, and they go and get the letter they need during writing and journal times.

This is my writing board. Each black piece of construction paper has a the square with the circle on it, which is attached to a clothes pin. I am able to hang student work and exemplar examples for students to compare their work to. I use the picture frame in the right corner to write the "I can" statement for each day's lesson.

Our school uses the computer program Success Maker. Each students gets on the program and completes a session of math and a session of reading each day. The program gauges the students progress and gives us a good idea of how they will perform on our state wide test in the spring, and what skills they are struggling with. I can pull a weekly report to see where they are struggling and doing well, and provide the support needed. Each student has a pocket, I place two bookmarks in each pocket. As they finish their sessions, they move a bookmark to the the bottom row. One bookmark says reading and one says math. I can easily glance over and see who has completed theirs sessions for the day, and who hasn't. It's a great way to hold students accountable for their work. 

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