Monday, July 14, 2014

Catch up!

These past few weeks have been so busy between the 4th, projects (in and out of my classroom), and family coming to visit. Here's what's been going on:

July 4th: We went scalloping at Keaton Beach. It was so much fun! We ended up with close to 200 scallops after our day out on the water!
I have been working on a supply organizer (I posted earlier about the beginnings of my project) and completed a helper board for my classroom.

I have also started in my classroom! I can't believe that summer is already coming to an end. I am excited that the unpacking is done in my new classroom, but I still have so much work to get done. I will do my best to keep y'all posted along the way! All I've gotten done is to put fabric and border up and to neaten up what I could.

And my family came this past weekend (to have some fun & to meet my love), we had a blast at a new pizza place in town, The Mill. We played tons of games, got a lot of goodies, and had some delicious food!

More classroom pics to come soon :)

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