Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Break...yeah right!

If you are in the education field in any way, you know we all look forward to summer vacation, BUT...I know that I end up spending more time getting ready for the next school year, than I do relaxing! I was really bad a posting things last year, to be honest I didn't post anything at all. My year was CRAZY! I have decided that this summer is the time to get back into what I had originally planned to do: share all the cool education, craft, and organization ideas that I find and create.

So far this summer when I am not in workshops or in DOE meetings, I have been Pinterest crazy! My friends and I had a Pinterest Party several days ago and we made so many cute things! In addition to moving classrooms this year, I decided to change my room to red, black, and white polka dots ( I previously had primary colors and polka dots). I have enjoyed and relaxed while be crafty. Here are several of the things I made. Thank you, thank you to those people from Pinterest who inspired our ideas!

This is the wreath that is going on the door of my classroom. I still need to add a bow in the right  corner. 

This is a GREAT idea I got from Pinterest. It has a hardware organizer from Lowes. I added scrapbook paper and printed out labels to organize all of my odds and ends that usually take over my desk.
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  1. Like your blog - great idea to share your talent! Sam